What is ISO 9000?

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What is ISO 9000?

ISO 9000 is a business management system and documentation framework that enables you to provide your customer with the confidence and assurance that you can consistently meet their specified requirements. The program stresses the concept of “Continuous Process Improvement.”

ISO 9000 provides your firm with an independent third party auditor’s certification demonstrating that you have a stringent quality assurance program in place.

F. B. Andersen Group has developed a system that integrates ISO 9000 with other process or product certifications.

When a company views the ISO 9000 system as a process to more effectively manage its business operations, the benefits can be significant:

  • Cost of Poor Quality is Reduced
  • Management and Employees Skills are Enhanced
  • Continuous Process Improvement Assures Lasting Results
  • Framework to Manage More Effectively is Provided

Continuous Improvement is now a key element of the new ISO 9001:2008 standard, providing process improvement tools to ensure ongoing and lasting operational and financial benefits to your organization.

Through establishment of quality objectives or metrics, benchmarking practices and a process for employee input, measurable effectiveness and efficiency can be achieved. Our firm incorporates the LEAN concepts in all of its ISO 9000 implementations to address value added processes and non value added activities.