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What if you could simultaneously tap into the minds and expertise of a team of seasoned business professionals within management, consulting, auditing, training, marketing and IT?

With F. B. Andersen Group, you can. We are a team of dynamic and talented individuals who bring decades of experience to the table. We are passionate about business and dedicated to providing consulting services that ensure strategies, plans and systems are created and deliver business results over the long term.With consultants across the country who have practical experience in key areas of business, F. B. Andersen Group is your business solution.

Our results speak for themselves


Plan, Focus, Champion

Business is complicated. That can be interesting and exciting some days, or challenging and daunting others. We understand business and what it takes to keep it all together and get ahead. With decades of experience in management and leadership within large international corporations as well as small to mid-sized companies, we’ve learned plenty. The F. B. Andersen team of consultants are dedicated to working closely with other business owners and managers, to assist in improving systems and processes, and ultimately growing businesses.

Our specialty is ISO Management Systems, Health and Safety, Operational Efficiency and LEAN. We have successfully implemented ISO 9000, 14000, 22000 and OHSAS 18000 to over 800 clients throughout Canada and the United States. We pride ourselves on our insight into all facets of business, our clients’ industries and their challenges. Our approach is risk based with a philosophy of combining our knowledge with yours, so as to chart vision, direction and ultimately see results. Interaction is consultative and our primary goal is to develop and integrate strategies and programs into current business operations with minimal disruption.


Evaluate, Develop, Integrate

IT is a critical part of any business, and often times one fraught with challenge and frustration. With our team of seasoned IT professionals, those problems quickly go away. Provision of customized solutions and integrated infrastructure support means you can be confident that your IT environment is secure, accessible, effective, reliable and readily integrates with your entire business operations.

Conducting a thorough IT Needs Assessment and garnering a solid understanding of your business and goals are imperative to creating an appropriate and valuable system for you. We know IT and make it our priority to always be a step ahead so that you don’t have to be. Our solutions are vast and varied, and you can count on the following:

  • Objective third party expertise with a proactive and practical approach
  • On-site training, technical issues resolution, documentation and reporting
  • Ease of and thorough integration of your business processes and infrastructure
  • Ongoing IT support, when and where you need it
  • Friendly help-desk support and exceptional response times from our team


Review, Strategize, Execute

In today’s economic environment, companies have responded by downsizing, reducing staff and expenses, all necessary to address these circumstances. In order for your company to thrive in this new environment, it is essential to have an effective strategic plan. A successful strategic plan will support your company in accomplishing the following:

  • Reflecting your organizational values,
  • Driving change in products and service offered,
  • Establishing a plan for achieving success, and
  • Facilitating effective organizational decision making.

We simplify the strategic planning process to address mission, vision, values and goals, assess your strategic position, select strategies and evaluate for ongoing effectiveness.


Review, Revise, Integrate

Audits are critical to business and can be frustrating to schedule and complete internally. F. B. Andersen Group offers a full range of Audit Services to address internal and supplier audit requirements.
All of our consultants are certified ISO Auditors, ensuring that they are up to date with current ISO Standards and industry practices.


Inform, Apply, Encourage

There is always room for improvement or new information. Our training professionals offer management system training that improves operational performance, minimizes business risks, and addresses the consequences of poor product and/or service quality. Courses are interactive, modular and include focused segments on management system implementation, internal audits and process improvement.